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Sailor Neptune of LaSoldier Cosplay from In the Name of the Moon, Sailor Venus of Senshi Generation II&III, Zoisite of SERENITee, and a character in a webcomic - a pirate named Powder Monkey with the crew of The Dirty Maid.

My cosplay page XD




Sailor Moon
Otakon 2014


Sailor Punks
Moon - Erin/ Mercury / Mars /Jupiter
Uranus / Neptune / Saturn Chibi Moon - Emily
Tuxedo Mask - Evan

Nega Jocks

Jadeite / Nephrite / Zoicite / Kunzite - David

Oh gosh. Oh gosh, this group.

There was a Sharks vs. Jets snap-off.
A mass chanting of “SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS.”
A tug-of-war over Tuxedo Mask.

And my gosh the amount of details these people put into their stuff and I could have just shot this group all con and would have been happy. ^_^

Being Sailor Uranus in this punk!Sailor Moon group was absolutely the best part of Otakon for me! I love everything about this <3

Being punk!Neptune with this awesome group was my favorite part of Otakon too XD punk!Outer Family with Jay and Alice was so much fun ❤❤❤



My favorite selfies of me and constrainedbyreality as punk!Sailors Uranus & Neptune ^__^

We were part of a huge punk!Sailor Moon cosplay group at Otakon. Professional photos of the whole group coming soon!

My life is so much better because I know this happened

My favorite part of Otakon! Punk!Senshi Neptune and Uranus with msjayjustice! I want to wear that make up all day every day. I’ll post more photos when we get them to my cosplay page!

(Source: thatjayjustice)

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